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Canada allowing fully vaccinated US residents back soon.

The Canadian government announced that starting August 9 fully vaccinated US Citizens and permanent residents arriving by air will be welcome back. You must be past your 14 day waiting period of your second dose to be considered fully vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated residents of other countries will be allowed back as of September 7,2021 provided that Covid-19 levels remain the same.

There will no longer be a mandatory 3 night hotel quarantine. The land boarder will remain closed until August 9,2021. Random Covid- 19 tests will also apply to those vaccinated and entering Canada by air. Children that are not vaccinated will be required to test on Day 1 and Day 8 of your stay.

Proof of vaccination must be uploaded to ArriveCan. You must have a receipt from ArriveCan or you will be denied boarding. Air Canda has added over 220 flights with

destinations being added daily. You must carry a copy of your vaccinations with you at all times.

Please don't laminate your vaccine card, the electronic readers will not be able to read it.

Land boarders are still closed.

Media Source: Photo by garrett parker on Unsplash


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