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Covid-19 rules being loosened

As of January 6th 2022 fully vaccinated visitors to the Republic of Ireland no longer need a Covid test. To be considered fully vaccinated visitors must have had two doses of a recognized covid vaccine and be past the two week period following your last shot.

Visitors that are vaccinated or recovered travelers into Ireland will be required to present evidence of a valid Covid Certificate or other acceptable proof of vaccination or previous infection prior to travel. Non- vaccinated or recovered visitors will be required to present evidence of a negative PCR test carried out no more than 72 hours before their arrival into Ireland.

Travelers that are fully vaccinated arriving in Northern Ireland no longer need a pre-departure test. Visitors still need a passenger locator form. In order to complete this, the traveler must book a post-arrival (day two) test and no quarantine be required while waiting for a negative result.

Beginning on Sunday, Jan. 9, fully vaccinated travelers may take a faster, rapid test rather than a PCR, to be taken on the day of arrival or one of the two following days.

Ireland is a wonderful choice for a destination wedding, honeymoon or family vacation.

Contact us to start planning your fairy-tale trip to Ireland. Photo K.Mitch Hodge


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