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Looking to social distance on your next flight.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Emirates is offering guests a new option in personal space. Guests may now purchase up to 3 empty seats that are adjoining to their seat. At check-in if empty seats are available you may purchase them at a cost of $55.00 to $165.00 depending on the flight plus applicable taxes.

Emirates has made this offer at the request of many guest looking for more space on flights.

Having an extra seat is also a wonderful option if you are flying with an infant who normally needs the extra space for diaper bags etc or if planning on working on the flight.

Other options to consider when flying:

Extra legroom seats: exit row seats offering additional space but subject to safety requirements.

You must be at least 18 years old to sit in an exit row and be capable of/willing to evacuate the plane in case of an emergency. Exit row seats also have a cost which varies.

Twin seats: seats in a row of two at the back of and on the upper deck of some aircraft.

These seats are very popular so please plan ahead. These seats offer more leg room and more space to keep your bag(s) beside you. Great option for a long haul flight. Most airlines don't charge extra here.

Preferred seats: seats in the first section of the cabin and on the upper deck of some aircraft.

Preferred seats often come with extra perks as well - early boarding, wider seat and more legroom.

Pricing varies by flight and when you book them. The closer to flight departure generally the higher the cost.

If you have questions about this article or any other travel related questions please reach out we are happy to chat


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