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Please ...check your passport!

The US Department of State is facing a tremendous back log of passport applications.

The department is not back to full staff levels due to the Covid - 19 shut down. As a result of the shut downs the current wait time for those applying for passports by mail is up to 18 weeks for standard application. Rush applications are taking on average 12 weeks.

With more Americans getting vaccinated and looking to travel internationally the delays are unusually long. Please be sure to double check your passports as soon as possible. Many countries now require that you have 6 months validity left on your passport from your date of return back to the US.

If you are applying for a passport for a child both parents must be present and you need to apply in person. We suggest that you make an appointment as soon as you can as many passport facilities are booked months in advance.

Currently anyone traveling back to the US from an international destination most have a negative Covid test taken no more than 72 hours prior to your return date. Please make sure you have a printed copy of the test with you. If you are vaccinated please carry your card with you but do not laminate it - the electronic readers wouldn't be able to read it. Please make a copy of your vaccine card and your passport to leave with someone at home in case they are lost or damaged.

Media Source: Photo by Brianna R. on Unsplash


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