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Where we are traveling during the pandemic

So proud to be featured in Travel Leaders Newsletter!!   WHERE WE ARE TRAVELING We continue to look forward to hearing your stories of where you are traveling and how your connections through Travel Leaders Network are benefiting you and your clients.  This week we’re hearing from Susan Blume, a member in New York.   Dear Roger, I was on the Travel Leaders FAM trip to Palmaia and visited several other properties in the Cancun, Riviera Maya area, as well. I wanted to thank everyone who put the FAM together. It was my first trip during the pandemic and since earning my Luxury Certification.     My trip began with check in online. This is not new, but some minor things have changed. I flew on American Airlines and they have a health questionnaire. It’s a quick screen that pops up on your phone with symptoms of COVID-19. One button press confirms that you are not experiencing symptoms while also agreeing to wear a mask for the duration of the flight, excluding eating and drinking. The resorts are also doing the same online check in procedure.   At the airport I had only one person in front of me at check-in. The staff tags your bag and allows you to place it on the conveyor belt so fewer people come into contact with your baggage. The TSA line is the same process as usual, except the agents are behind plexiglass plates with a cutout to slide them your passport. My total check-in time from the American Airlines desk to the other side of TSA was 7 minutes. It was actually one of the best experiences of my life at an airport. Everyone I saw at the airport was wearing a mask and some had full PPE on.    The plane is boarding from the rear with first class guests boarding last. As you are boarding the air hostess hands you a gift bag with a small water, pretzels and a sanitizing wipe. There was no in-flight service. First class receives an additional cheese and crackers tray, which is all disposable.  Across my 32 years as a travel agent, this was one of the best experiences I have had on a flight.    I launched a new website and started blogging to detail the trip, and I am adding tons of pictures. #Mexico #traveltheworld #travelleaders #destionationwedding #theknot

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