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3 Reasons you need a travel advisor

Travel insights from Taylor Coulson, associate editor of The Compass

Post-Pandemic Plans: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor in 2021

Planning for your 2021 travels will be drastically different than ever before. Navigating throughout the ever-changing world of traveling during a pandemic can leave average travelers with complicated feelings of concern and being cautiously optimistic about planning their next trip. So here are three reasons why you should use a travel advisor while planning for your post pandemic adventures in 2021 – and beyond.

1. Travel advisors are experts at navigating throughout the ever-changing travel industry. While travel plans across the globe have somewhat stopped spinning in 2020, travel advisors have been studying the industry’s future nonstop. They’ve been hard at work attending webinars hosted by airline carriers, hotel and vacation brands, and destinations. The knowledge they’ve gained while we’ve been stuck at home will provide incredible insight for travelers in the post-pandemic world. Whether they’ve been on top of highlighting new entry and safety requirements in different destinations, watching for updates on new airline routes opening back up or monitoring when countries borders reopen, the value of a travel advisor in a crisis is undeniable during these uncertain times.

2. Travel advisors monitor travel trends with advanced access to tools and VIP connections. A seasoned travel advisor can help turn your next vacation into an extraordinary experience of a lifetime that you can’t find on your own. A simple Google search browsing for the best deals and new destinations isn’t enough when it comes to planning your 2021 travels. Travel advisors have developed in-depth industry relationships with suppliers and brands that lead to quicker and more efficient resolutions when and if something unexpected happens, and don’t forget about the deals. Travel suppliers frequently offer deals and promotions that are only available through a travel advisor. Travel advisors also know how to get to extremely remote places which is expected to increase in interest due to travelers avoiding crowded, tourist hot-spot areas. They basically know who to talk to and how to get the job – a one of a kind vacation for you – done in the best way possible. 3. Travel advisors are flexible and available for any specific travel style.

In a world of information overload where there are endless options to choose from, travel advisors are here to help make sense of it all. Everyone has different expectations when it comes to their dream vacation. The articles, blogs and itineraries that appear on your Google search results won’t be as detailed or personable as a travel advisor getting to know you, your budget, vacation desires and COVID-19 concerns or restrictions. Whether you’re interested in specialty experiences within adventure travel, destination weddings, domestic destinations, wellness travel, or so much more, working with a travel advisor helps answer specific questions you didn’t even know you had. They live and breathe travel and anticipate it all.

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