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Tips On Traveling With Children

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Many of you have been contacting us recently to begin planning your summer vacations.

Its a wonderful time to start planning because rates are low but that won't last long as availability is becoming limited. Some important tips to keep in mind while planning:

Children of all ages must have a passport to travel internationally. Our suggestion is once you receive your babies birth certificate please apply for a passport at your local passport office or local post office. Many post offices will require an appointment but please keep in mind that for anyone under 16 years of age at the time of application both biological parents will be required to be at the appointment. Many post office locations will take passport photos for you at an additional cost.

When planning a vacation please remember that if both biological parents are not traveling together with the child(ren). You will need a notarized signed letter from the biological parent(s) that will not be traveling granting permission for the trip.

If you need assistance with the letter or planning your vacation we would more than happy to assist you.

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