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If you want to see what the next level of sophistication looks like..

Wine and whiskey in my ocean view cabin Scenic Eclispe
Wine, spirits and desserts in my cabin

Scenic Eclipse - The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Being invited on the Scenic Eclipse, a luxury expedition yacht, was a great honor, and surely, an unparalleled experience. If you want to see what the next level of sophistication means, then you have to see what this ocean cruise offers. For me, it was the ultimate adventure, and I enjoyed every single moment of it. This holiday is simply indescribable - you have to be there to understand and experience it for yourself!

Ultimate Luxury at Every Corner

If you think you have seen all luxury experiences, you have yet to be on Scenic Eclipse. Once I boarded this extraordinary yacht, I realized I was just about to encounter a different world. Even at first sight, you can see that even the most sophisticated 5-star-hotels cannot measure up to what these discovery yachts offer.

You may have experienced different types of ocean cruises, and each of them might have been unique on its own. However, an expedition yacht like Scenic Eclipse can provide more than just a standard cruise holiday. First, you get to explore the Polar regions and learn about the most secluded places on Earth. Secondly, due to the small ship size, max 200 guests can board from ports worldwide. This means you will have the privilege to visit more exotic ports that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Furthermore, the ship also features a helicopter and a submarine for the ultimate exploration and experience.

Getting on board Scenic Eclipse means enjoying a 6-star cruise with state-of-the-art technology that will leave you in awe. Moreover, you get the chance to experience activities you would never have imagined to be possible. If you think you have seen it all, come to this sophisticated ocean cruise and prove yourself wrong. It will be one time in your life when you will enjoy being wrong!

Adventure excursions on Scenic Eclipse Yacht
Zodiac and Helicopter on board Scenic Eclipse

Jaw-Dropping Accommodation

The rooms on Scenic Eclipse are designed to give you the feeling as if you are in heaven. Amazingly spacious and elegantly luxurious are the words that give the closest description of the yacht’s accommodations. They include sophisticated furniture, a separate sleeping area, a lounge, and miraculous views.

Nonetheless, the refinement does not stop there. Extraordinarily soft linens and majestic Slumber Beds will make the luxury experience even more impressive. There is nothing more enjoyable than a room with everything in it. In other words, you will get accommodation with unimaginable amenities but still make you feel at home. The comfort that Scenic Eclipse provides is irreplaceable and utterly enjoyable.

I had the opportunity to relax in the most pleasing setting while admiring the natural beauty through the windows of my room. When you really need a break from the real world, this is the place you need. This is one experience you should have on your bucket list. You will feel like you are living in your wildest dreams!

Exceptional Service

With the ambiance and luxury the yacht provides, you might think it could not get better than that. But actually, it can! Scenic Eclipse offers a professional butler at your service. I am not talking about a waiter or person who will serve you when necessary. I refer to a person who is trained to meet the high standards of a luxurious yacht. You will get to enjoy your morning coffee without leaving your room and having your laundry done whenever necessary. Moreover, whenever you are in the mood, you can enjoy cocktails or Champagne on your verandah and have them delivered.

You will not only feel comfortable but also special. This kind of service will make you feel like the most important person in the world. And you deserve to feel like that at least once in your lifetime.

Sommlier wine and caviar
Caviar Blini and FIne Wine Scenice Eclipse Yacht

Heavenly-Delicious Food

If you have always wanted to try different cuisines and worldly delicacies, then a luxurious expedition yacht is the right place for you. I am not talking about the chance to eat in one restaurant that offers delicious food. Scenic Eclipse provides you with the ultimate opportunity to dine in several restaurants and taste the flavors of the world.

Each day, you get to pick the ambiance in which you want to dine and the cuisine that will satisfy your palate. This food versatility makes each day of your stay different. From French delicacies to Japanese delights, there is something for everyone’s taste. The choice is significantly diverse and extremely appealing, so prepare to have dilemmas about your eating options.

Another great highlight of this glorious ocean cruise is eating in a private setting. The services of Scenic Eclipse offer a private ambiance for you and your group of friends. When you do not feel like eating in a crowded area, then an intimate atmosphere will be your ideal chance to relax and take a break.

Nigerian Prawns dinner Scenic Eclipe Yacht
Nigerian Prawns dinner Scenic Eclipe Yacht

Spacious Bars and All-Inclusive Beverages

There is nothing like having a drink with a majestic ocean view. On Scenic Eclipse, you can choose the setting you prefer at any time of the day and relax in a comfortable setting. Additionally, the bars on the yacht offer the most spectacular beverages, so be ready to find your new favorite drink.

However, if you do not feel like spending your day in a bar, you can surely enjoy a drink in the comfort of your room. Each room includes a mini-bar with complimentary drinks, but you can always rely on your butler if you have something special in mind. Enjoy your room’s verandah to the fullest, but you should not forget to make it more special with an exclusive beverage.

All drinks are included in the price you pay for your cruise, except for some rare types of wines, spirits, and champagnes. Although you have a lot of all-inclusive choices, consider taking the opportunity to try something unique and not found everywhere in the world.

I’ll never forget being on this luxury experience! Those who like to have a taste for the finer things in life will genuinely enjoy the Scenic Eclipse. This kind of opulence cannot be seen anywhere else. So, give yourself the chance to feel new energy and make new memories!

If you want to find out more about luxury experiences, book me to be your certified travel agent!


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